A color born from activity, patina.
Spectacles that have been used for a long time will develop a unique rust and patina.
Every time I do maintenance, I realize that the glasses have been with the person's life.
"Sabi", symbolized by apology and sabi, is in the heart that enjoys the changes caused by the passage of time and the environment, like this patina.
We want the glasses and tools made by skilled craftsmen to be used for a long time.
Therefore maintenance is essential.
At Pokusho, we meticulously carry out visual acuity measurements that match each lifestyle and purpose, and adjustments that are in line with the customer's bone structure.
Cherish the sensibility that can cherish the beauty of aging.
Beyond the attire, we propose the beauty of the past that has been nurtured as a favorite tool.
Representative: Yusuke Miyagawa